A newborn baby’s eyes can tell you so much about what she’s thinking. Here is an activity to help build your baby’s brain through tracking.

Father wearing blue shirt, baby in mothers lap
Supplies list
  • Your voice

  • Any objects and/or toys

  • Instruments or objects/toys that make noise


Visual and auditory tracking is a major development at this age, so help build these skills by having your newborn track objects and noises you make.

  1. For visual tracking, first grab an object or toy. Get your baby’s attention with the object by holding it where your baby can see it and saying, “Look at this!” Then slowly move the object from side to side while your newborn follows the object as it moves.

  2. For auditory tracking, shake a rattle or make a sound near but out of the direct eyeline of your newborn. Help your baby find the sound by moving her head toward the sound.

  3. Once your newborn has discovered the sound and/or object, let him look at it and explore it with his eyes. As his brain develops, he will show more curiosity about things by looking at the objects longer.

This activity helps your newborn develop listening skills, visual tracking skills, sensory skills, motor skills, and attention span.

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