Tummy Time

Tummy Time is an excellent way to build your newborn’s neck and upper body strength. Find out more about it here.

Baby Laying on Colorful Foam Mat

Supplies List
  • A mat, soft blanket, or soft, clean surface

  • Optional: toys or mirror

  1. Find a soft, clean surface to lay your newborn on that is away from any edges or harmful things. Place your baby on her tummy – you can sit or lie next to her if you’d like. Use your voice and face to encourage your newborn to lift his or her head off the ground. This will help your baby develop neck and upper body control. Your newborn may not like this at first – you may even get some protesting cries and tears. That’s okay! Over time, you will notice your newborn being able to lift his or her neck for longer while starting to push up. These are the beginning motor skills for crawling and sitting up.

  2. Sometimes babies need a little encouragement. Use a favorite toy or mirror in front of your newborn’s face to catch her attention and interest in lifting her face to see more.

  3. Some newborns at this stage will also start to wiggle their bodies to begin the motor development of rolling over. Be sure to always have Tummy Time in a safe place in case your newborn surprises you (and herself!) with a quick roll.

This activity helps your newborn develop motor skills and social-emotional skills.

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