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Baby’s First 100 Days
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The first 100 days of life are a critical time in a baby’s brain development. Learn more about what happens during those first days and what you can do to help your baby’s brain develop in amazing ways.

Baby's head and legs being held by parents
Babies develop relationships from the very beginning of life.
Beatrice Beebe, Ph.D. Clinical Professor of Psychology, Columbia University

You have the power to shape your baby’s brain!

The first 100 days of your baby’s life are considered a critical time for brain development. Even if it doesn’t seem like your baby is doing much at first, there’s a lot of brain growth going on. Babies are born social and ready to learn – and the rapid brain development that occurs during their earliest days and months stays with them for life. In fact, research shows that brain engagement (talking, reading, and singing to them) that occurs in these first 100 days can contribute to a baby’s cognitive, social, and behavioral development.

You can improve your baby’s brain strength through simple, everyday interactions. The time you spend with your newborn allows you to bond with your child and helps with social-emotional development. Talking, reading, and singing are all powerful (and free) ways to do this.

“Babies can imitate expressions at ten minutes old.”
Beatrice Beebe Ph.D.Clinical Professor of Psychology, Columbia University

Watch Dr. Beebe’s video on decoding babies’ nonverbal language.

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