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Behavior & Thinking

Find out what to look for in your newborn’s actions and activities during the first three months of life. His behaviors show you what his mind can do!

Mom singing to baby.
Things to look for at this age:
  • Visual tracking of an object eight inches away from her face (side-to-side, up-down, and in circular motions)

  • When the object is out of view, your baby may continue to look for it where he last saw it

  • Turning head or eyes to explore one or more things in the environment

  • Looking at things for three or more seconds

  • Listening to different sounds by making an expression in reaction to the sound, searching for the sound, etc.

  • Moving body or face to get something off of it

  • Paying attention to own hands

  • Putting objects in mouth

  • Shaking, squeezing, chewing, looking at, and reaching for objects

  • Beginning to smile

  • Calming self (briefly)

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QUICK TIP: Remember that every newborn is unique and may develop at different rates. If you're concerned about your child's development in any way, talk to your pediatrician or family doctor.

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