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Developmental Stages of Play

Can newborns play? Well, not exactly – but at this early stage, their brains are hard at work, building the foundation for play.

Baby playing with baby rocker toys

Play is usually thought of as an activity for older babies or children, but it actually starts at the newborn stage – it just looks a little different. Newborns “play” while they are observing their surroundings, including looking at people and listening to sounds. Early on, your newborn’s “awake” time – whether in your arms or in a bassinet – is when she’s absorbing everything around her, “playing” with what she’s taking in.

QUICK TIP: It’s never too early to start being silly and playing with your newborn, even if it sometimes feels like you’re interacting with yourself. Before you know it, your baby will start mimicking your actions – proving that he was paying attention all along!

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