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Immigration Family Services
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Immigration issues can affect the whole family, causing stress and trauma to children. Here are resources that may help.

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Federal policy changes continue to impact California’s children and families. The California Children and Families Commission (First 5 California) is committed to supporting all of California’s families, including our immigrant families. To help address some of the stress our immigrant families and their children currently face, we have compiled some helpful resources that can assist affected families on immigration and stress/trauma-related topics.

The resources below cover topics that will help families stay strong and intact by knowing their rights, providing contacts for legal services, sharing information on coping skills and activities, and providing a directory of immigration resources.

Dealing With Stress and Trauma

In partnership with Sesame Street in Communities, the First 5 Association developed a guide with tips and methods for families to discuss and manage the complicated issues affecting the lives of many California families, including family separation, trauma, and other community-based anxieties, such as new immigration policy changes. The guide is available in multiple languages.

Other Stress and Trauma Resources Include:

Immigration Resources

These links, including the California Courts, provide information and materials that can guide and assist affected individuals and families.

NOTE: The links above are intended as a starting point and are not all-inclusive.

Click here for more support services through the state of California.

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