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Motor Skills: Big and Small Body Movements
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Toddlers are known for not being still – at least not for long. Here’s what to look for at this stage in terms of your toddler’s big and small body movements and abilities.

Mother and son stretching

Watch out world, here comes your toddler! Look for these big and small motor skills at this age (one and two year olds):

  • Walking with more independence

  • Bouncing to music, twirling around

  • Feeding self, using a spoon and cup

  • Pushing self with feet while sitting on a riding toy

  • Building towers out of blocks, molding clay into shapes

  • Waving goodbye

  • Playing games with coordinated hand movements, like pat-a-cake

  • Turning pages in a book

  • Turning light switches on/off

  • Climbing up stairs and using rail to walk down stairs

  • Beginning to run

  • Holding marker or crayon to scribble and copy lines

  • Kicking and throwing a ball

  • Helping with dressing and undressing.

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QUICK TIP: Remember that every toddler is unique and may develops at different rates. If you're concerned about your child's development in any way, talk to your pediatrician or family doctor.

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