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Sugary Drinks

A healthy diet isn’t limited to nutritious foods – beverages play a big role, too! Learn which beverages to offer your child, and which ones to limit or avoid.

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Did you know that one can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar? All that sugar increases your child's risk of cavities, obesity, and even type 2 diabetes. Make a healthy choice by offering water and milk to your child instead of sugary beverages like soda, fruit juices, and sports drinks.

Make water and milk your child’s go-to beverages with these fun, creative twists:

  • Add lemon wedges, cucumbers, or orange slices to a pitcher of cool water for some flavor and a splash of color.

  • Place small fruits (such as raspberries or blueberries) in an ice cube tray. Fill up the tray with water and freeze up some fun and colorful ice cubes!

  • Serve water or milk in a brightly colored cup or one that has a straw attached for some sipping fun.

  • Shake things up with a milkshake using low-fat milk, ice, and your favorite berries.

  • Make “agua fresca,” a popular Mexican fruit drink, by blending water and fresh fruit with a little lemon or lime juice.

100% fruit juice may sound like healthy beverage choice for young children, but it can contain just as much sugar as a can of soda. Offer your child sliced fruit instead of fruit juice, and stick to water and milk whenever possible.

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