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The Importance of Reading

Reading with your young child is fun, easy, and free. But it’s also a powerful activity that boosts your child’s brain and language development every time you do it, so do it every day!

Mother and Daughter laying down reading a book on couch

There’s a lot happening in your child’s brain when you read together! As you turn the pages of a book, your child hears new words and takes in bright, colorful pictures – all of which help to spark imagination and develop early language and literacy skills. Whether you’re cradling your baby in your arms or snuggling up with your preschooler before bedtime, reading with your child is a great way to enjoy special, one-on-one time together. Your child loves hearing the sound of your voice, watching your expressions, and spending quality time with you. As your child grows, having an established reading routine together can also help to further strengthen your bond and relationship. Did you know that an unborn baby can begin to hear sounds right around the second trimester of pregnancy? Proof that it’s almost never too early to read aloud: your baby’s not only listening but is already hard at work forming brain connections!

“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”
Dr. Seuss Children's Author

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