Reading with babies is a great time to slow things down and cuddle while filling their minds with wonderful stories. Find out more ways to read to a baby here.

Mother on couch Reading to baby

Supplies List
  • A child-friendly book or a story to tell

  1. Find a child-friendly book with pictures, or think of a story to tell. Get your baby’s attention and tell her you are going to read or listen to a story. For example, you can sing (to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”), “Now it’s time to read a book, read a book, read a book. Now’s it’s time to read a book. I’ll read a book to you.”  While on your lap or next to you, start reading the book or telling the story. Use big facial expressions and different levels of your voice to keep your baby’s attention. Check in with your baby throughout the story by looking . in her eyes, gently touching her, and/or smiling to see if she’s still interested.

  2. If your baby wiggles off your lap or starts playing with the book instead of listening to the story, that’s okay! Follow your baby’s interest and come back to the book or story when she is ready.

  3. You could even start acting out the story and have it become a game. Bring the story to life with your actions and your voice – your baby is bound to love it if you’re having fun, too!

This activity helps your child develop fine motor skills, listening skills, language skills, sensory skills, early math skills, and social-emotional skills.

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