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Newborn Brain Development
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Your newborn’s brain is developing with every activity. Yes, there is more going on than just eating and sleeping! Here are some specific things to look for your newborn doing at this stage in his or her development.

You have the magic to help your baby’s brain grow! Your baby’s brain began developing during pregnancy and has not stopped. The first 100 days of a baby’s life are a critical period for brain development. So, although a brain is built over time, its primary foundations are developed very early in life. While many factors influence brain development, your regular interactions have the biggest impact – and they include talking, reading, and singing.

Things to look for at this age…
  • Visual tracking of an object 8 inches away from his or her face (side-to-side, up-down, and in circles)

  • Turning his or her head or eyes to explore one or more things in the environment

  • Looking at things for 3 or more seconds

  • Listening to different sounds (makes an expression in reaction to the sound, searches for the sound, etc.)

  • Moving his or her body or face to get something off of it

  • Paying attention to his or her own hands

  • Mouthing objects - anything and everything!

  • Shaking, squeezing, chewing, looking at, reaching for, etc. objects

Baby Boy in crib Reaching for Toy

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